If feederd is the manager, ec2nommerd is the worker. You can also think of the relationship in that feederd feeds your nommers.

What is ec2nommerd

ec2nommerd is a Twisted plugin that runs as a daemon on EC2 instances in the cloud. These instances are automatically created by feederd. If an ec2nommerd finds itself with available encoding capacity, it will hit an Amazon SQS queue to see if there is any work available. If it finds anything, it pulls the job details from SimpleDB and hands the job off to the appropriate nommer for encoding.

If, after a period of time, the daemon receives no work to be done, it can be configured to terminate itself to save money.


Nommers are classes that contain all of the logic specific to different kinds of encoding workflows. For example, the FFmpegNommer nommer wraps the FFmpeg command for encoding. Each nommer sub-classes the BaseNommer class, which provides some foundational methods. View the source for these two classes for examples on how they work. You may sub-class or create your own nommer.

The following Nommer classes are currently included with media-nommer. See each for details on how the job_options key should look like in your API calls.

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