media-nommer: A Python-based media encoder system

media-nommer is a distributed media encoding system that gets its horsepower from Amazon AWS. This leaves you with a cheaper, more reliable alternative to some commercial paid encoding systems, since you are only paying for your Amazon AWS usage. The software is powered by a combination of Python, Twisted, and Boto, and is licensed under the flexible BSD License.

This may be useful if...

media-nommer is of interest to you if you need a way to encode media in a cheap, fast, and scalable manner. By using Amazon AWS‘s excellent EC2 service, you can automatically scale your number of encoder instances up to meet your demands. Of course, the entire process may be configured, limited, and adapted to meet your needs. Some example usage cases where media-nommer might be a good fit:

  • Encoding user-uploaded media for serving from your site
  • Bulk encoding large collections of videos

Learning more

To learn more about media-nommer, see the An Introduction to media-nommer.

Project Status: Beta

License: media-nommer is licensed under the BSD License.

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